Chorus Policies

Weekly Rehearsals

Every member is expected to:

  1. Attend every rehearsal and to be on time; exceptions, of course, are made for family, work, traffic or unexpected emergencies.
  2. Always bring a pencil for marking music. (Professional hint: use red for mf and louder dynamics; use blue for mp and softer dynamics)
  3. Be kind and respectful at all times to all other chorus members.
  4. Warmly welcome new members and make them feel at ease by introducing them to other members of your section.
  5. Accomplish weekly homework assignments outside of the rehearsal. *
  6. Get all markings missed during an absence, before the next rehearsal, from a section member or Section Leader.
  7. Remember that silence is golden, although the occasional quip is permitted…and sometimes most appropriate.
  8. Wear a name tag at rehearsals to facilitate better camaraderie and to help members longtime and new to know who’s who.

*While we understand that family and work complications are a part of today’s hectic lifestyle, every Bella Musica member is expected to be current with the learning curve for each piece. Our collective inability to do so results in a compromised performance that is not indicative of our full potential.

Attendance Policy

Rehearsals will be held at St. Clement’s Episcopal Church on Tuesday evenings from 7-9:30, with a stretch break and announcements . Due to COVID concerns, we will not serve  communal food at this point. Singers can bring a personal snack, but we will not be sharing food for the foreseeable future.

  • If you will be late on a consistent basis because of family or work demands, simply let your Section Leader and the Director know.
  • An Absence is considered to be in effect if more than half a rehearsal is missed; fatigue, sudden illness or unexpected family matters that require you to leave or be late to a rehearsal will not be counted as an Absence.


Concert Attire

WOMEN: Formal concert black

  • Pants: full-length pants: no jeans or casual pants, OR Skirt: mid-calf to ankle length, straight hem or formal concert style;
  • Top: ¾ length or long sleeves, moderate to high necklines; jackets are okay; no sweaters
  • Fabric: matte true black; no lacy, shiny, sparkly or see-through fabrics;
  • Accessories: black low-heeled or flat dress shoes; very simple jewelry: i.e. small, non-shiny earrings, a simple necklace (pearls, gold—no pendants, etc.).
  • Black hose if a skirt is worn

Recommendation: Make-up, brighter and stronger than usual street makeup (including rouge, eye shadow, liner, foundation)
Why: to avoid the ever-present washed out look that is especially important when wearing formal concert black.

NOTE: It is a very wise idea to wear your performance shoes to the dress rehearsals so that you don’t have any surprises when/if you must stand for a long time during a concert.


A formal all-black tuxedo or convincing tuxedo “look”

  • pressed pleated pure white tuxedo shirt with wing tip collar;
  • neatly pressed pants;
  • solid black bow tie, black socks and polished black shoes;
  • black cummerbund optional;
  • no vests, please.

If not a tux:

  • Solid all-black (no pin striped) suit or solid black blazer and
  • black dress slacks neatly pressed;
  • ironed/pressed long-sleeve pure white shirt;
  • black bow tie.

Music Folder

A black folder or 3-ring binder in excellent condition is required for all performances.

There are ways to privately express concerns of any kind:

If you have personal feelings of unhappiness or are having Bella Musica problems of any sort, they may be brought to the President and/or Director with the expectation of total confidentiality and respect for you as a person and respect for your feelings.