Audition Requirements

Bella Musica Chorus membership is open to all proficient choral singers. Becoming a member requires a total commitment to consistent weekly practice, adherence to all homework assignments, attendance at sectionals, an excellent and confident stage presence, and respect at all times for all Bella members.

Auditions are held following rehearsals during the first 3 weeks of each semester and will include:

  1. Attending the complete rehearsal on the night of your audition. This gives you a chance to get a feel for the group. Prior notice of wishing to audition, while helpful, is not required.
  2. Arriving at least 10 minutes before the rehearsal starts in order to obtain your music and complete a few forms that you will bring with you for your audition.
  3. Having your audition in a private space with the Director and accompanist (if needed).

Your Audition will take about 10 minutes and consist of:

  1. General questions about your choral experience, based on information completed by you on your audition form.
  2. Singing a song of your choice that illuminates what you feel are the best facets of your voice. (Note: This can be an “art song” or aria, but could also be a folk song, Broadway show tune, hymn or Christmas Carol, etc.) An accompanist will be provided.
  3. Evaluation of general range and quality of tone by the Director.
  4. General exercises of tonal memory and sight-singing of a simple motet or hymn.
  5. Immediate feedback from the Director.